Friday, October 4, 2013

“Candy Corn” is off to a new owner

Candy Corn by Susan Brubaker Knapp (2010)
12" x 12" (before framing)
Just in time for Halloween, “Candy Corn,” a piece I made in 2010, has been purchased and is headed off to its new home. It is a wholecloth painted piece that is heavily threadsketched and quilted. I just finished stitching it to an acid-free mat and mounting it in a shadowbox for its new owner. It looks great on this poison green wall, I think!

I remembered to sign my name on the mat before I put it in the shadowbox. It has a label on the back, but since you can’t see the label once it is stitched down, I wanted to make sure that it was identified as my work.

In September, I shot a Quilting Arts Workshop on several fabulous finishing techniques, including mounting in a shadowbox like this. It will be available as a DVD or digital download within the next few months.

I am getting ready to celebrate my favorite holiday, Halloween… it is also my birthday!