Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 9: Cape Town

Please note: the photos in this post are a bit fuzzy because of the program I used to upload my blog post from my iPad. You can click on each photo for a clearer view. 

The weather was looking up this morning, so we headed for the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Even in winter (we are in the Southern Hemisphere, remember), it was incredible.

Guinea Fowl:

Egyptian Goose:

Yellow Cobra Lilly:

"Mandela's Gold" stelitzia:

Awe-inspiring views:

The Camphor trees are huge!

The garden has many specimens of protea:

And delicate smaller blooms:

This is a Baobab tree, which does not grow this far south, except in a greenhouse. I wanted to see one when I was in Kruger, but we were not far enough north. Next time, I want to see it in its natural environment.

A section of the garden features fabulous sculptures.

At Hout Bay, south of Cape Town, we found brilliant, clear blue-green water, and brightly painted fishing boats:

This sea lion was tormenting a dog on shore, leaping up and splashing him, making the dog bark furiously!

Freshly caught fish are tossed on the concrete at harbor:

Along Llandudno Bay on the way back to Cape Town:

Camps Bay:

This giant sign is posted at the beach. Would you swim?

Close up of the boulders. Mostly quartz and mica, I think.

Gigantic Kelp on the beach: