Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A pink rose for ACS fundraiser

This afternoon, I worked on a project I will be donating to ToteTuesday, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (ACS) spearheaded by Virginia Spiegel. My latest works, a series of orchids for an upcoming exhibition, are wholecloth painted pieces that start out as white fabric (Pimatex PFD by Robert Kaufman). I paint the entire surface with acrylic textile paint, and then quilt them. I decided to execute this small project the same way.

It is based on this photo from my garden, which I took several years ago:

Now that I can see the photo and the painted piece next to each other, I can see some areas that need to be lightened and others darkened. Somehow it helps to reduce the size and stand back; I can see the little details that can make a big difference. I changed a few things – I’m not trying to reproduce the photo exactly – and made the background more dramatic. It is a little piece, about 7-8".

This little art quilt will go in one of my friend Peggy Schroder’s “Have a Heart” totes that will be auctioned off in February, with 100% of the proceeds going to ACS. I’ll let you know the exact date once I know it. You can read more details about the fundraiser at my Jan. 15 post. If you want to contribute to a fabulous cause and get some great loot, please check out these totes and consider bidding!