Friday, June 23, 2017

“We All Swim Together” Update

Here’s the latest on “We All Swim Together,” the big piece I've been working on – off and on, but mostly off – since 2013! My goal with this wholecloth quilt is to educate viewers about the dangers to fish species around the world. Marine biologists believe we we could feed the world and end starvation if we only managed our oceans, lakes and streams properly. Many fish are endangered due to overfishing, pollution, environment degradation, and climate change. I also want to show the beauty and amazing diversity of fish species. 

Right now, the fish fill a space about 80" wide and 60" high. This art quilt will probably be about 90" square when I finish. In the past week or so, I’ve drawn about 10 more fish, and painted these:

Orange Roughy
Honeycomb Stingray (with Indian Scad below)
Piper Gurnard

Flat Needlefish

Arctic Char

The photos below show more of the whole quilt, and give you an idea of the size. (Cat shown for scale). 

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