Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost done

I think I am almost done with the embroidery on this piece. I have really enjoyed working on it, and it was the perfect thing for me to take to the beach; very portable and small. I have decided to call it “Petri Dish Promenade,” because the circles are starting to look more and more like the circular petri dishes used to cultivate bacteria in the lab.

The photo above shows one of the spots where I added silk fibers instead of the cotton used everywhere else. The silk is the medium blue fuzzy stuff stitched down in the lower right corner.

Stitches include French knots, short and long running stitches, and “chicken scratches” and Xs. It’s not at all planned, and very random.

I’m stitching around some of the dots and blots left by stray drips of the soy wax used to create the batik fabric.

In some spots, I’m not going to stitch on the white circles at all. I’m almost ready to take the next step and decide how I’m going to use this. I’m considering using other hand-dyed fabrics in some sort of pieced frame, and then quilting the whole thing. Perhaps extending the embroidery out into the frame in a few places. I have not entirely abandoned the idea of cutting it up into chunks and using them in a larger pieced work. Ideas, anyone?

2010 N.C. Quilt Symposium in Charlotte

The Charlotte Quilters Guild will host the 2010 North Carolina Quilt Symposium at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte June 4-6, 2010. I designed the raffle quilt shown above; the proceeds benefit the symposium, helping to pay for the venues, teachers, and other associated costs. The pattern and fabric kits will also be available for sale at symposium, with all profits going to the symposium fund. The pattern includes this 82x84" quilt, and a smaller wallhanging (I’m working on finishing it now).

North Carolina Quilt Symposium is a 3-day quilt conference that includes lectures and classes taught by nationally-known teachers, a participants’ quilt show and fashion show, special exhibits and vendors.

I’m really excited that it is in my backyard next year!