Monday, March 7, 2011

The Space Between, Part 4

Hope is the Thing by Susan Brubaker Knapp 36" x 46.5"
It’s done! This is my latest piece, and it is called Hope is the Thing. I am submitting it for consideration in a juried invitational called “The Space Between,” which will be co-curated by Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal

The name comes from a line in an Emily Dickinson poem; you can read about it in my previous post

I am very pleased with it, now that it is done. After I had finished the quilting and had sewn on the binding, I decided that some of the feathers were not blue enough. It looked a bit washed out. So I went back in and added some more paint (I used Jacquard Lumiere and Stewart Gill acrylic paints) so that the blue was even more luminous and iridescent, the way it looked in the photo I took.

I also added darker blue on the second and fourth feathers to make it obvious that the third feather was on top of them. The third feather was a lighter blue color to start with, but I made it lighter and the others darker because this contrast portrays greater depth, and defines the layers.