Friday, June 6, 2008

ArtWorks on Main Grand Opening

Tonight was the grand opening of ArtWorks on Main, a new gallery in Mooresville. It was a lovely event, with delicious food and drink, a fabulous jazz ensemble, and several hundred art lovers there for the festivities. Here is a shot of the gallery from the street, showing the band, and some of the art (that's my "Harbinger's Hope" in the center!)

Here's Heather McFadden, who owns the gallery with her parents, Roger and Suzanne Hicks, talking to some guests at the opening. (She's the one wearing the totally glam shoes!) My "Dragonflies" is hanging on the right.

The gallery features wonderful display walls that pivot, and can be arranged as one flat wall, or in other configurations.

This model, posed as a statue in white paint, was very fun to watch.

Some of my friends from my quilting group and from Quilters Loft Company, a local quilt shop, came by to see the gallery and to enjoy the fabulous food. This shot was taken in the area that will be the classroom. It is very well lit (they hired a lighting technician who has done the lighting for museums), and lined with artists' studio spaces designed to look like stalls in a barn.

This is the entrance from the gallery space back into the classroom.

I was very excited to have my work exhibited here. I had several people approach me about selling my work (although I did not have prices on it tonight), and it was very fun to talk with the guests about fiber art. Many of them had never seen it before. Thanks so much to all my friends who stopped by!