Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I’m working on today

I started working on this yesterday, and I’m completely hooked. I think it is because I’ve been doing way too much computer work, and I needed to do something by hand, something tactile and fluid. Something where my brain could mellow and the work would take me where it wanted to go.

This started out as white fabric that was partially transformed in a soy wax batik class with Janet Lasher (see previous post). Here’s what it looked like after that class, but before the wax was removed and before it was washed:

Here are some more shots of what it looks like now. I’m embroidering it with lots of different kinds of floss and thread, and couching down bits of thready fluff that came off fabric yardage after I washed it.

ooooh, this is highly addictive.

Charm swap

I participated in a charm swap sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. In March, I made a bunch of charms with several friends (you can read about it in my blog post by clicking here) using an article in the January/February 2009 issue of the magazine by Elin Waterston. I sent a few of mine in to the magazine for the swap. Today, I got these charms back! Aren’t they wonderful? The creators are Sue Clark (domino with flowers), Sharoon Lidz (bottlecap), Margaret Applin (pink “joy” square), Marlene Lucero (green circle with copper bell), and Christine Hansen (purple wool felt ball). If this is any indication of the magazine’s readership, there are some mighty creative people out there!