Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Come take a class with me at Asilomar!

Photo from
I am beyond excited to be teaching an Empty Spools seminar at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California, next year. I’m teaching in Session V, April 26-May 1, 2015. Why not put this experience on your Christmas or Hanukkah wishlist? Now is the time to plan your trip!

My class is called “Start With a Photo: Paint, Fuse and Thread Sketch.” I’ll be teaching students how to recreate their original photos as pieces of fiber art. You’ll use two different techniques – wholecloth painting and fused raw-edge appliqué – for constructing two to four pieces based on your photographs, and then learn how to add detail with thread sketching. This is a fabulous opportunity to make original work under my guidance during a five-day class in a spectacular setting. I can’t wait!

Photo by Jan Krentz (
The venue is amazing! You can see more photos on the Asilomar website. The price for the week is $1,360.00 (with a shared room for two) and includes all your meals. There’s more information about costs here.

I love teaching week-long classes, because I get the chance to watch my students develop their own original work, and to bloom as they discover just how much they can do. The joy they express when they figure this out is simply amazing

Here are some photos of my students with their work from multiple-day classes, and some comments from my students about my teaching:

“Your workshop was sensational… Your artistic talent, as great as it is, is second only to your enthusiasm and your spirit. In your face, I can see the joy that is in your heart when you talk about what you do, and it is contagious. You are totally comfortable and pleased with what you do and that makes you willing to share it with others…. Today was a magnificent day; I feel like I found something that will be a part of me forever. I am smitten!” 
– Sandy Clark

“You are a fantastic teacher, well prepared and armed with loads of patience. I was very impressed by the fact that you didn’t leave anyone behind, but then didn’t impede the progress of those who were ahead. As a 20-year-teacher in a former life, I really notice those things. I also appreciated your generous sharing of your finished quilts… Thank you again for being such a highlight of my trip to Houston this year.”
– Annick Harris


“I just wanted to let you know that of all the classes and lectures I attended over the last few days, yours was the absolute best. I learned so many good things and the clarity and flow of your presentation was just outstanding. I am so inspired thanks to you.” 
– Denise Ostrom

“You are the perfect teacher; you share your successes, strategy, tips, mistakes, wisdom, artistic insights and encouragement to just try and see what happens. I respect your ability as an artist and appreciate that you have workshops to encourage others to see what is inside them. You are a blessing and a beneficial presence on the planet.” 
– Carroll Grant

“I was a high school teacher for almost 40 years and a college adjunct 8 years along with that. I've been an educator and student my whole life. I've been to Create, and Art & Soul retreat, plus too-many-to-list workshops, retreats, etc., over the years. I’ve had great teachers and perfectly awful ones. And I’ve taught numerous workshops as well. I think I have the experience to tell you that you rank as one of the truly truly BEST teachers I’ve ever had. Your easy style, simple approach to a well-defined and organized project, handouts, and your approachability all make your classes a truly memorable experience.” 
– Marlyn Foell

“I must say the three days were absolutely GREAT! So much information presented with encouragement and belief that each of us really could accomplish our goal. That transferred the belief to us… what fun we had!” 
– Georgia Beville

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fish, fish, fish…

Indo-Pacific Sailfish
Here are some more fish I’ve painted in the last few days on “We All Swim Together.” If you are curious about this piece, please read my previous posts. Stay tuned… I still have a lot of fish to paint!
Indo-Pacific Sailfish
Black Catfish
Indian Scad
Indian Scad
Sydney Skate
Sydney Skate

Yelloweye Rockfish
Yelloweye Rockfish

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shooting “Charlotte Today”

It was so much fun shooting my segment for WCNC’s “Charlotte Today” this morning! Hosts Colleen Odegaard and Ramona Holloway and the crew were very welcoming, and I got the chance to talk about quilting. Here are some photos from the shoot. You can watch my segment online here

The set
Chef Andrea Gaskins

Weatherman Larry Sprinkle with a dog up for adoption
Check out those heels Colleen is sporting!

Monday, October 20, 2014

“Spooky & Sweet Halloween Sewing Projects”

Directions for two of my projects (“Nametag Pouches” and “Halloween Table Runner”) are included in a new eBook from Quilting Arts magazine! It’s called “8 Spooky & Sweet Halloween Sewing Projects,” and you can purchase a download for $7.99 at the Interweave Store.

My piece “October Morning” (below) is also featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Today e-newsletter and blog!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I’ll be on “Charlotte Today” Oct. 21

Hey, Charlotte area peeps! I’ll be a guest on “Charlotte Today” next Tuesday, Oct. 21. The show is on Charlotte’s NBC affiliate, WCNC (Channel 36), from 11 a.m. to noon.

I'm appearing thanks to my husband, who saw host Colleen Odegaard ask for guest suggestions on Twitter, and tweeted back that I’d make a good guest. I’ll be talking about quilting and the many guilds in the Charlotte area.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fish, again

Okay, I’m back at work on “We All Swim Together,” after more than a year’s hiatus. It now has 11 species painted. (I've sketched 33.) The section above is about 57" wide. The photo is a bit fuzzy because I took it under not-so-great lighting conditions with it spread out on our king-size bed today.

Part of the reason it’s taking me so long is that this is a big piece (it may end up being 100" square!) and I don’t have enough space in my 14' x 14' home studio to keep it out all the time. I’m painting on my cutting table, so when other projects or class preparation are taking place, it can’t stay out. 

If you are curious about this piece, please read my previous posts.

Here’s my progress in the last few days: I got three new fish painted! They are the Spotted Weever:

The Giant Guitarfish:

and the Atlantic Salmon (freshwater form):

My cat Wicked loves it!