Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lushorn’s “Four Pieces Project”

Yesterday was the reveal for Lushorn’s “Four Pieces Project.” This project, as you will remember if you’ve been reading along, has been undertaken by the Pandoras, a group of four art quilters dedicated to working outside of the box. Each person took a photo, blew it up to 16x24" and cut it into four fairly equal sized pieces. The cut could be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or other. Then each person in our group got a piece and was charged with recreating it and giving it back to the owner. Each time, we were supposed to try new techniques and challenge ourselves. The photo above shows the enlarged photo (top) and my panel below it.

Lushorn used a photo I had taken in Nassau on the infamous Dave Matthews Band Cruise a few years ago. She cut it into long horizontal strips. Here is a photo of the photo:

And here’s a detail photo of the original photo (enlarged) and the piece I created below it. I used black tulle to create the shadows on the water in the lower right and upper left corners, and ripped up drier sheets for the white foam!

None of us has put all of our pieces together yet; I'll take photos and post them when we do. This has been an interesting project for us and we have all learned a lot. It is very fun to see how different the pieces come back, and how cool they all look together.