Friday, February 19, 2010

Mutual admiration society

Jewelry designer Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry has a post up today on her blog about my work! I posted about her on January 10 after I discovered her marvelous jewelry, which she sells though Etsy and talks about on her blog. Beth makes the point in her post that the internet and social media sites are connecting artists and art admirers in wonderful ways we could not have imagined even a few years ago:
“Having Hint Jewelry Design out on the Internet invites serendipity into my life every day. Like a kid at a gigantic show and tell, I do something, post it on Flickr, Facebook, or Blogger, and if I'm lucky, magically someone sees a part of their heart in it. They reach out to connect, and I get to join in the fun of looking at art together.”
So true. That coming together is probably the best part of blogging for me. I love connecting with people all over the world to discuss art, quilts, and the ideas and emotions behind them. I am so happy to have you all as part of my community, even if I’ll never meet most of you face to face. 

I bought some of Beth’s lovely charms for my daughters’ Valentine’s Day gifts – they are lovely little creations, and my daughters loved them. Today I splurged and bought the little beauty above for myself.