Thursday, December 9, 2010

Art on my block

This wonderfully nostalgic mural is a new addition on an old building at the end of my street, where the residential part ends and the downtown begins, at the corner of West Center Avenue and Broad Street, in Mooresville, North Carolina. I just love it! It is the work of local artist Joel Morris, who lives in nearby Davidson and has a studio in Charlotte. He’s painted two other murals in town.
My neighbor (Marsha Keener) and her sister (Sheila Goodson), who own the building, commissioned the mural. They run a fun store called Tallulah’s downstairs. It carries darling gift items, antiques and cool old furniture in a very fun, funky atmosphere. Upstairs is the office for more of our neighbors, Kelly and Dave Sopp of Wry Baby. They make hilarious stuff that will make you a huge hit at baby showers. (Trust me on this… go check out the merchandise on their website.)
The mural honors Marsha and Sheila’s favorite soft drink, Sundrop Cola, which has been made in Concord, North Carolina since 1954.
It took Morris about eight weeks to paint the mural, which was sketched in first with charcoal. I watched it take shape every day I walked my dog down our street, and it was neat to see how he built the mural, layer on layer. I am glad that Marsha and her sister chose to commission an artist, and to give my town this gift. It makes our little corner very lively.

You can read more about Joel, Marsha, Sheila and the mural in a story in The Charlotte Observer.