Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lake Norman Quilters needleturn appliqué class

Today I taught needleturn appliqué to my hometown guild, Lake Norman Quilters. I had wonderful, hardworking students. Here are a few of them, busy tracing preparing their pieces and placing them under the vinyl positioning overlay:

I have taught needleturn appliqué for years, and am now teaching the methods I use; they have to be fast and easy to fit into my schedule, and with my personality! Because I believe that no one method works for everyone, I encourage my students to try different techniques, and then find those that work best for them. Several of my students today were accomplished appliquérs who simply came to learn a different way of doing things, to see if it made sense for them.

We covered how to make sharp inner and outer points, smooth curves, small circles and bias vines, and how to trace pieces on a light board and use a positioning overlay. Then the students started working on this block, which is one of my new designs (available soon):

Many thanks to Susan D-L, Deanna, and Joyce for helping with set-up and clean-up. Good program chairs and guild helpers make a teacher’s work so much easier!