Monday, February 15, 2010

Hannah Teter’s Quilt

My husband, who works for  Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal, just alerted me to a story where his world (sports) and mine (quilting) intersect!

Hannah Teter, U.S. snowboarder and 2006 gold medalist, is sleeping every night at the Olympic Village under a quilt created by Amp Energy Juice (part of PepsiCo) that features Teter and images from the village of Kirindon, Kenya. Teter, who helped design the quilt, started a charity dedicated to the village, and raises money through a maple syrup business (Hannah’s Gold Vermont maple syrup) to help the village with water filtration, a sanitation system, and housing.

USA Today’s website has a photo of the full quilt. From these photos, it looks more like a hand-painted comforter cover than a quilt; I can’t see any quilting!

Hannah plans to auction it after the Winter Games to raise more money for the village.

These photos are courtesy of Amp Energy Juice.