Friday, January 6, 2012

New life for a stained textile

Yesterday, I stopped in an antique store that is closing in my hometown. Lots of things were 50% off, and I snatched up a wonderful crocheted lace tablecloth for $8. It was in pretty good shape except for a few places that were unraveling, and a fair number of stains. Even after bleaching, they were still somewhat visible. This morning, I cut it into panels and hung them as curtains in my laundry room. 

I love the airy, delicate feel they give this space. My laundry room used to be a side porch on my 1916 home; it was closed in before we purchased the house 15 years ago. That’s why the ceiling is bead board (wainscoting). I painted the walls the same cornflower blue as the kitchen, as the room is visible from the kitchen.

There are certain times of the day – early morning and late afternoon – when the slant of light is just right, and it pours in through these windows. That’s when I think I’ll enjoy looking at this lace the most. And it makes me feel good to recycle something so beautiful, something that someone put a lot of work and time into making.