Friday, March 11, 2011

Second edition of inStitches features my friend Faith!

My friend Faith Cleary is featured in the second edition of Quilting Arts’ new e-magazine called in Stitches! That’s her in the photo with the dog (above), wearing those cute flower headbands.

Here is a preview:

You can find out more, and purchase the download by clicking here

Faith is also featured in the spring issue of Studios magazine, the one with Ty Pennington on the cover. She shares how to manage pet messes and decorate with your pet in mind.

Here are some more photos of Faith’s work for clients of her company, Dolce Amico. She takes photos of pets that are provided by her clients, like this: 

and makes them into fabulous thread-painted portraits like this (that can be stitched onto tote bags, purses, pet carriers, stockings, apparel and more):

Here’s another example of a client photo:

and Faith’s finished product:

Faith’s French Bulldog, Barkley, is featured on the front cover of a photo album:

Faith captured two labs named Daisy and Scooter in this piece, which was matted and framed:

I think Faith’s work is amazing. And she is such a warm and wonderful person.

Stay tuned! You’ll be seeing a lot more of Faith’s wonderful work in other Quilting Arts ventures this year!