Monday, August 10, 2009

Felt ball glass holder

Over the weekend, I made this nifty holder for my glasses. I am always misplacing them and I now need them a lot of the time. I wanted a glass holder to wear around my neck. But I wanted something lightweight and fun, not something that would make me look like a matronly librarian.

These handmade wool felt balls from Nepal fit the ticket. (You can get some of your very own online through Handbehg Felts or ArtGirlz.) I did a little embroidery on the big balls with some varigated perle cotton, then strung them and some charms on some hand-dyed cording. My reading glasses slip through the little silver circle (which is actually part of a toggle clasp purchased at a craft store). I used crimp beads to attach the ends of the cording to jump rings, and then to the circle.

I like it so much that I might make a necklace next!