Thursday, January 23, 2014

My new QA Workshop is available as a digital download now

Digital downloads of my new DVD, Fabulous Finishes: Seven techniques for binding, facing, framing and hanging a quilt, are available now in the Quilting Arts/Interweave store! The actual DVD will be available in early Feb. 7, but right now, you can pre-order it and get the digital download for free.

I shot this Workshop (my fourth for Quilting Arts) in September 2013, and I’m so excited that it is ready! I was was just getting ready to start publicizing this, and popped on over to the Quilting Arts store to see what was up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I already had one review. One fabulous review:  
Wow, Wow and WOW! Review by Robin

This video was way more than I expected. I almost didn't watch the segment on "regular binding". That would have been a BIG mistake. Although I am happy with the technique I use, I will definitely be giving her technique a try.
Besides the various finishing techniques, Susan gives hints and tips. 'Skip this part and you will regret it.' 'Do this to keep blah from happening." Some videos leave me questioning, "But what do you do 'here' or if  'this' happens. I did not come away from this video with any of those questions. Susan answered them before I even thought of them!

There's a lot I already knew in this video, however what I didn't know and learned was well worth more than the price of the download. I can't wait to give all of her finishing techniques a try!

Robin Lancaster, Mint Hill, NC
(Posted on 1/22/14)

I am blushing, Robin! Thank you so much! 

Here’s the back cover and text of the DVD:

Learn the secrets of fine finishing and binding techniques that will improve the presentation of all quilts.

You'll love this workshop if:
  • You are interested in learning different finishing techniques.
  • You want to learn how to bind and hang quilts that will meet the requirements of quilt show judges.
Join award-winning quilter, teacher, and author Susan Brubaker Knapp as she demonstrates the essential skills of finishing a quilt. In this workshop, Susan explains and demonstrates seven techniques that show not only how to bind and hang your quilts with perfect results every time, but also meet the requirements of quilt show judges.

Techniques Susan covers include:
  • Basic quilt binding with mitered corners
  • Satin stitch edging that lies flat and doesn't buckle
  • Pillowcase-turn method that allows finishing the edges before quilting
  • Facing a quilt for a clean and contemporary look
  • Framing a quilt in a shadow box for a professional presentation
  • Hanging a quilt using slats to keep it straight and flat
  • Making a quilt sleeve with space for a hanging rod
Prepare to hone your skills with these fine finishing techniques. You’ll be delighted with the professional results you can achieve with the tips and tricks you learn from this workshop.

Stay tuned for more details!