Sunday, September 19, 2010

Petri Dish Promenade

More than a year ago, I started embroidering a piece of fabric that I had soy wax batiked and then dyed. I am not an embroiderer, and I don’t know what the heck I am doing, so was just having fun. It was a very portable project, and I took it to my kids’ soccer practices, piano lessons, dentist appointments and our beach vacation. I just stuffed the fabric, flosses – and bits of thread I had been collecting that unraveled off fabric when I washed and dried it — into a little basket, and took it with me whenever I knew I’d have some time to work.

I called this embroidered piece Petri Dish Promenade because it reminded me of bacteria cultured in a petri dish. You can see the embroidery stage of this piece in my previous blog post here. But everything came to a standstill because I couldn’t make up my mind about how to finish it.

Then, earlier this summer, I dyed a piece of silk-cotton blend fabric called “Radiance” and it turned out beautifully. The silk gives it a wonderful sheen and shimmer. Even better, lots of the colors were similar to those in the embroidered piece. Last night, I trimmed a window in the silk-cotton fabric, and I’m getting ready to hand appliqué the pieces together. Next I have to decide whether to do more embroidery out into the frame, and whether to quilt the piece by hand or by machine.