Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jane Sassaman book blog give-away

If you are a fan of Jane Sassaman, don’t forget that there is a great blog tour going on right now, and each participant is giving away a copy of her new book. Dragon Threads publisher Linda Teufel will be giving away some of Jane’s fabric and patterns, as well. This giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only; sorry! Come visit me on July 10, and leave a comment on my July 10 post (not this one!). In the meantime, remember to visit the blogs giving away books on the dates below:

July 2:
July 3:
July 5:
July 6:
July 7:
July 8:
July 9:
July 10:
July 11:
July 12:
July 13:
July 14: 
July 15:
July 16:
July 17:
July 18:
July 19:
July 20:
July 21:
July 22:
July 23:
July 24: