Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A new purse

This a purse I finished today. I used some of my own hand-dyed fabrics and some purchased from others. It is about 15" high, big enough to lug around all my stuff (I usually carry a fairly large purse) and it has lots of interior pockets and a loop to hold my cell phone case inside the purse and within easy reach by the third ring. That is a sea-polished oyster shell on the flap (it covers the spot where I sewed on velcro to hold the flap shut). I used one of those wonderful acrylic bases, “Bag-E-Bottoms” by Lazy Girl Designs, in the bottom to make it stand up.


  1. Hi Susan,

    Your bag is beautiful! And I'm thrilled you are using a Bag-E-Bottom with your design. I just love how they add support.

    My best,
    Joan Hawley
    Lazy Girl Designs

  2. Hi Susan,

    I love your new bag! The colors and the quilting. The size is great, I love a big bag too.

    On a side note - I just updated my blog with a new purse, then I clicked next on the quilters ring to your blog and saw your heading, it was ironic. What's even funnier is I was just at the lazy girl website (a few hours ago) looking at patterns. I will have to get the Bag-E-Bottom)


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