Thursday, September 6, 2007

“Harbinger’s Hope” wins honorable mention at PNQE

I just found out that “Harbinger’s Hope” won an honorable mention in the “Innovative” category at Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XIV!!! I'm really pleased, since this is the first national show I've entered, and I really didn't expect to win anything.

PNQE is a Mancuso show held Sept. 6-9, 2007 in Harrisburg, Pa. Mary Schwarzenberger, a new quilting friend I met online, took a bunch of photos at the show and sent me the one above. Thanks, Mary!


  1. Harbinger's Hope is a beautiful quilt. I love the irregular edges! Congratulations on winning Honourable Mention at PNQE.

  2. Congratulations! What a thrill that must be. I like the combination of a realistic subject with the whimsical edges.

  3. Congratulations. It's a lovely quilt (love the lime strips) and deserving of attention.

  4. Congratulations!! I saw your quilt at the Asheville show and it's just gorgeous.

  5. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. "Harbinger's Hope" is a fantastic quilt and I'm glad that I was able to see it in person. I also admire the other beautiful quilts you've made that you've posted about on your blog.

    Best wishes with your future projects! I'll have to check back and see what new things you are making.


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