Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cool shoes

It’s almost spring, and lately I’ve had a yen for some cool arty shoes. I saw some fun Converse One Star tennies at Target a few days ago, but none were in my colors, so I bought a pair in white and painted them. I mixed some Jacquard Textile Medium in sky blue and grass green and slathered it on. Now I’m using some varigated Perle cotton to embroider them.

“What are those?” my pre-teen daughter asked yesterday, with a fair amount of disdain in her voice, after spotting them on my cutting table where I’d left them to dry. “You are so weird!”



  1. So what do you have in mind for the laces?

  2. Just realized that I didn't say how cute they are! And totally NOT weird. :-)

  3. Sounds like the exchanges I have with my 12 year old! I hadn't even thought about embellishing shoes, fabulous idea.

  4. Susan! Love the sneakers.
    It was great seeing you today at the shop. I admire you so much!
    You are so very talented :)

  5. Great shoes!!! And thanks for the input about the CBS segment. Enjoyed seeing both.

  6. Those are SO COOL... I want some! Hmmm..... think I'll see if Converse shoes fit my feet......... I need something fun and funky for Spring!

    Cheers, Sarah

  7. I'm a guy , but I gotta say "cool" on the shoes. I understand about teenage girls, but my youngest ( now 19 ) would love them.

    I'm betting your daughter's friends would consider them much cooler than your daughter lets on!

    Or if your daughter found them at the mall she'd probably be BEGGING you to buy a pair.

    Funny how kids are! My daughters now love to see how cheap they can buy something rather than how much some "label" costs... finally, after years of coaching.

  8. I love the shoes! All too often clothes don't look the way I'd like and I too "transform" them to suit me! Weee!

  9. em wants to know if they come in PINK!!!!

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  11. I would have said chiffon ribbons for lace with their airy look.

    So how long did it take for your daughter to yoink them from you?

    They are the kewlest! Might get me back into Cons to do something like that to them.


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