Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quilting featured on CBS’s “Sunday Morning”

So did you see "Sunday Morning" on CBS today? They did a segment on the International Quilt Festival, and interviewed Karey Bresenhan, the director of the festival, and Ricky Tims.

There was only a short bit from the indomitable Bresenahn, one of quilting’s grande dames, and a kind, generous and amazing woman. Too bad. Most of the segment focused on Ricky Tims in his Colorado studio, and footage of him meeting and greeting and teaching at Festival. He did a good job of explaining how quilting is changing, and Karey pointed out that quilting is nearly a 4 billion dollar industry annually. Plus nice footage of the festival, and of the gorgeous quilts, both traditional and contemporary.

There was some of the same old, ”Wow! These quilts don’t look anything like what grandma used to make!” which I suppose is to be expected. Overall, it was a great segment that I think will interest many and open some eyes. All good things for quilting!

I do have to admit that the feminist in me was a bit put off that CBS found one of the handful of prominent quilters who are male to feature. I take pride that it is primarily woman who have taken quilting from craft to fine art, whether they make traditional quilts or art quilts.

Don't get me wrong... I think it is fabulous that men are quilting, too. The more, the merrier! And as a journalist, I recognize that a man who wins awards for quilting is more newsworthy than a woman who does, because he is more rare. But gosh, they didn't even use Hollis Chatelain's name when they talked about and showed her "Hope for our World,” which won Best of Show and $10,000 in Festival 2007! Ouch!

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  1. I had the same reaction. Overall, it was a good piece and on at the half of the show, so no one was leaving early. However, there were way too many men....the reporter and Ricky and even one guy at a quilt show they interviewed. The only sign of women seemed to be shopping at the vendors. At least they had the quilts on before the potato chips.

    Even that quilted sun image after the segment was a R. Tims one.


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