Friday, May 2, 2008

Announcing “Pink Petal Party”

We have a name! A few weeks ago, I asked readers of my blog to help me pick a name for my pink and green quilt, which I am going to be marketing as a block-of-the-month pattern. I got so many wonderful names, and it was hard to pick. After narrowing the list down to the 20 or so I liked best, I googled the remainder to find the most original one (I didn’t want to name it something that was already widely used).

Meg, a reader and “stitch chick” from California, suggested “Petal Party.” I‘m going to add “Pink” to that. When you're doing alliteration, you might as well go all the way, right? Check out the beautiful work Meg is doing on her blog, Craft Adventures of Stitch Chick.

As soon as I finish my current block-of-the-month patterns, “Bohemian Bouquet,” I'll start working on and releasing the patterns for “Pink Petal Party.” The block above is ”Poppies.”

Thanks, Meg!

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