Friday, July 18, 2008

Going round in circles

I created this collage of circles for an exercise in my online class. This week's lesson is called "Looking, Hunting and Gathering with a Camera." I already do this a lot, but searching for a single shape in one outing seemed intriguing. I took all but one of these photos today in about a 30 minutes walk with the dog down my street.

From upper left: Drainage pipe in an old stone wall; air conditioner vent, doorbell, planter, electric meter, daisy, old cauldron, cast iron sewer grate, railing joint, drainage pipe in concrete block wall, cast iron water grate (painted blue for construction), stop sign post, soft drink can, hubcap, water handle, basket handle, palm, electric meter gauge, iron pipe joint, watering can spout.


  1. Don't these circles look attractive altogether? I'm planning to go thro my images for this exercise as I regularly photograph shape and texture. Although I take the point that the idea is to make us look as we go about.

  2. Great collage. I'm taking my camera out with me today to take photos.

  3. Still struggling to get caught up, find time and whatnot... I think I may need to check out this class... the one I took was a big PPPHHHTTTTT.. totally not what I expected and alas didn't get much out of it...there was almost no group participation, either, which didn't help. This looks like a great creativity class with good exercises...thanks for sharing!
    Cheers, Sarah


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