Monday, October 13, 2008

The “Four Pieces Project:” Grace and DeLane

The Pandoras met this morning, and turned in the “Four Pieces Project” for Grace (above). The artists are (clockwise from upper right:) Susan, Grace and DeLane.

For this project, we each chose a photo, enlarged it to 16x24" and cut it into four fairly equal pieces. Then each person got one section, and had to make that part. For each, we were supposed to try a new technique, or stretch ourselves in some way. It has been very interesting.

DeLane’s project is shown below (clockwise from right:) Susan, Grace and DeLane. Lushorn is still working on her pieces. We will finish up this project next month, when Lushorn’s project pieces are due. She used a photo of a lighthouse, and I got the long horizontal section at the bottom, which is water, rocks and lots of seafoam and froth. Should be fun.

And here's my project, which I blogged about before, just in case you missed it. (from left: Lushorn, DeLane, Susan, Grace).

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