Saturday, December 27, 2008

My first quilt

This is the very first quilt I ever made. It is a one patch, made with scraps, mostly from clothing my mother made for me in the late ’60s and early ’70s. I made it with my mom when I was about 10, I think. It is not bound, just turned, pillowcase style, and then tied with yarn. It’s not bed sized, but it is perfect for snuggling under with the girls while I am reading to them at bedtime.

My mother gave it to me this Thanksgiving, on the condition that I not use it as bedding for the cats or the dog. She said I might need it one day if I become a famous quilter and a magazine wants to do one of those “first quilt/latest quilt” features on me. “Ha!" I told her, but I promised I wouldn't use it to line the dog’s crate. I came home and set it down, folded, on our bed. I left the room, came back in and found this:

Max is very photogenic, and he has a knack for finding just the right spot to sit or lie so that you absolutely must take his photograph. Sorry, Mom.


  1. It seems like only yesterday that I helped you learn to use the sewing machine and make this quilt. So very nice that Max is enjoying it!!

  2. How do cats know to plop down on the latest "new" quilt. They somehow seem to have a knack for it.

  3. Love the picture of Max and the quilt.

  4. Great start! And obviously, Max has great taste in snuggle spots!

  5. I even recognize some of the fabrics in the quilt!


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