Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

“Home Planet” by Susan Brubaker Knapp
2009 Quilting Arts Calendar selection for the month of April

My Earth Day resolutions for the coming year:
Buy more locally-grown produce.
Take reusable bags to the grocery store.
Turn off lights when not needed.
Use less water.
Combine errands to save gas and reduce emissions.
Recycle glass, plastic, metal and paper.


  1. My husband built and planted a little home vegetable garden just in time for Earth Day.

  2. Great resolutions! I like especially that you didn't plan to buy more organic products, as these usually travel further and can be more environmentally harmful to produce (I recently learned that organic farmers are allowed to use copper as pesticide, hello, not healthy for nature or us!).

    If you do have or start a garden, one recommendation I make is to use rainwater to water the garden. Yes, you'll have to lug it there in a bucket, but what a waste to use good drinking water, isn't it? In fact, I wish toilets didn't use drinking water. One way to reduce water waste in the toilet (=HUGE!) is quite simple: fill a sturdy ziplock or large plastic bottle with water and place it in the toilet tank (without obstructing the mechanism of flushing of course). This will displace some of the water in the tank so less is needed to fill the tank. Everything will still flush fine. Alternatively, there is a way to change the height of the balloon/ball that regulates the water level by adjusting the screw on the arm that holds it up. I haven't tried that yet.



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