Sunday, May 3, 2009

Funny cat photos

Max with “Harbinger’s Hope,” in progress.

A new Facebook friend, Pepper Cory, is running a funny series of posts on her blog she calls “Cats at Work.” Pepper is a fabulous quilter who has written books and articles on quilting, designed fabric, and owned a quilt shop. She has lived in North Carolina since 1996. Today, Pepper is featuring my crazy cat, Max. So I thought I’d share with you some of my best shots of him. There are a few shots of my other cats thrown in for good measure. We all need a good laugh these days. Enjoy.

Riding the wild vacuum cleaner.

Feeling wizardly.

Sleeping with the fishes (“Running Deep”).

I just wanted to look out the window!

Trouble, the scaredy-cat.

I used to be able to fit in this box, honest! Maybe I've been eating too many kibbles...

How nice of you to make me this comfy pillow.

Stretched out.

Deep asleep.

Max snuggling with Trouble.

Guarding the door.

Napping in a shady spot.

Hogging the bed.

Now this box fits me a bit better.

A perfectly shaped basket.

Okay, where are the fish?


  1. I love the picture of Max in the basket. I never knew the joys of a cat until my son brought one home to live with us in Aug. We have really enjoyed Penny.

  2. From the looks of these photos, your cats are obviously living the good life!

  3. Awwww, Max snuggling with Trouble is so precious! I can never get enough of kitty pix and yours are very nice. Thanks for sharing. Ani in Wilmington, NC

  4. Love the photos! Looking through them puts a big smile on our faces. :-)


  5. What great cat photos! Makes me wish I still had a cat.

  6. We can completely relate to "Hogging the Bed". No matter how big the bed is either... Love the photos.

  7. These are beautiful and so sweet! I'm glad you have such an abundance of good memories.


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