Monday, August 17, 2009

Make your own “House Rules” quilt

Want to make a little quilt like this? I'll show you how! I'm teaching this class on

The class will begin on Nov.3. It is 5 lessons for $50. If you’ve never taken an online class, click here to get more information about how they work at Joggles.

Here’s more information about my class, which is called “House Rules”:

Make this charming piece of fiber art to remind yourself and your family and guests of the rules of the house. You can customize the piece by adding your own kids (or adults), pets, and rules! The sample shown is 12" square, but you can make it bigger. Patterns are provided for all applique pieces, with multiple choices for girls, boys, dogs, cats, houses, etc, and for the text.

Lesson 1: Create the background and plan your overall design.
Lesson 2: Use watercolor pencils to add details to your house, people and sun.
Lesson 3: Applique your pieces to the background, and add text.
Lesson 4: Embroider the background and add French knots to the sun.
Lesson 5: Finish your project with a binding or facing.


  1. Susan, I love this piece! Count on me to be in your class. I'm having lots of fun with Tyvek now!

  2. Wonderful! It should be really fun. Glad you are enjoying the Tyvek class.

  3. This looks interesting. I am traveling -- how can I joggle my memory (ahem) to check into this when I get home in two weeks?


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