Sunday, October 18, 2009

I’m in an internet slideshow on The Quilt Show’s blog!

I got a note from a friend who had noticed this... I am in a photo in a slideshow on Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims' Daily Blog. It’s on the website for their internet web television program, The Quilt Show. How cool! Looks like they were shooting while I was autographing books in the C&T booth during Quilt Market. I'm in photo number 36 out of 49. You can see lots more shots of Market and Festival in their Smilebox slideshows posted this past week.


  1. How fun is that? I loved seeing the little slide show....I see so many faces I recognize. Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Thank you for the great picture show!!!!It is almost like being there, ok, not exactly, but dreaming of being there...loved all the booths, the quilts and comments. Also, must comment on the beautiful clouds over the conv. center...I am a cloud watcher, and appreciate seeing them(probably the only one), Thanks for taking the time for the pics.


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