Saturday, October 3, 2009

Open Studio

My studio is featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors’ Studios magazine, but here are some photos they didn’t have space to include. Because the theme of the publication is “open studios,” Quilting Arts is also hosting a virtual studios tour this week. For more information on the Open Studios event, click here.

Here’s my machine and cabinet. I adore having my machine set down into my cabinet; I don’t think it is possible to quilt well for a long time without a level sewing surface.

My quilt “Harbinger’s Hope” hangs in the hall outside the studio. I like the green walls, but it is rather dark (the hallway is 8 feet wide and 40 feet long; it runs nearly the length of the house and is a bit cavernous), and I’m thinking about painting the hall butter yellow this winter. The fire hydrant painting is by Diane Overcash. I found the chest of drawers out for the trash at a neighbor’s house, dragged it home and refinished it. (I’ve been reclaiming castoffs like this for a long time. My kids groan with embarrassment when I slow the car down for a closer look.)

I use old jars and spice containers to hold my beads on the windowsill. I love how the light comes through them.

Old stuff and nostalgic-looking new stuff on top of a bookcase.

More of the same, plus a little quilt made years ago of Susan Branch fabrics.

Buttons and threads in old and new jars.

I can’t pass up old sewing stuff. I found these spools and clothespins on the curb, too.

The green pincushion is my design.

My kids’ finger puppets, no longer played with but way too cute to give away, sit atop paint brushes.


  1. I have studio all the little touches,puppets,threads,beads
    ...colour and inspiration everywhere.

    P.S. I, too have picked up some pretty great items discarded by the side of the road....and yes the kid's do the eye roll.

  2. Love seeing your studio and all your wonderful creations and collections. It looks like a great place to create.

    I couldn't help notice, that you were using a marker on the cloth. My I ask what you are using? I like to do art quilts too and looking for a good medium that is easy to use and not messy. I used to use marvy markers, years ago.


  3. Hey, Debbie,
    I was using a Micron Pigma pen in that shot, on top of a wholecloth painted piece ("Lepidoptera"). I painted it with Jacquard Textile Color, heat set it with an iron, and then did little dots with the pen all along the edges of the lines.

  4. Hi! I love how homely your studio looks. A really comfortable yet functional place to create.

    Still love the Lepidoptera... What a fantastic piece!

  5. Great sewing space! I really love how the green wall accents your art.

  6. Thread in clear glass jars, what a good idea. You can see what you have at a glance.


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