Monday, December 14, 2009

December Pandoras meeting

Today we explored several new materials at the Pandoras meeting, and had lots of fun! We made these cute little pincushions (the purple one on the right is mine) using recycled tins that used to hold Target gift cards and lip gloss. Alisan designed this project. Isn’t she smart?

Here’s what we played with:

Adirondack Alcohol Inks are dye-based, multi-surface transparent inks you can use on glossy paper, metal, dominos, shrink plastic, glass, and other non-porous surfaces.
Metallic Mixatives create luminous highlights when used with the Inks.
You can use rubbing alcohol in a little spritzer to get a neat speckled effect.
Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution can be used to lighten colors and clean the inks off of things.
All these are made by Ranger Industries.

We applied the inks with felt pads; you can also use paintbrushes.

These are tins (below) purchased in the candle-making section of my local Michaels craft store that were painted with the Adirondacks and spritzed with rubbing alcohol and/or stamped:

This is a piece of tin sheet metal I got from Grace, and embossed using a wooden tool, then inked with the Adirondacks:

These little beauties (below) started out as ordinary metal washers from the hardware store. We inked them with the Adirondacks (the one on the far left shows a washer with just the ink), and then sprinkled on clear UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel), a “dimensional medium for decorative arts,” on top and heated it with a crafting heat gun.

Mine are the green and bright blue ones on the right. I applied several coats of UTEE. The UTEE powder kept blowing off until Alisan suggested using a base of VersaMark watermark ink first. This product is used for embossing using powders on paper. The VersaMark held the powder in place long enough for it to melt, and then the next two layers stuck to the melted UTEE fine.

Want to give it a try? Here are sources for the materials we used today:
Interweave/Quilting Arts

Judy Coates Perez’s “Painted Threads Inspiration and Creativity Store” on Amazon


  1. Oh my. This is beautiful. Can't wait to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love the washer idea - I can see doing lots of those as edgings for some fiber. Thanks!

  3. Love all the projects Susan! I re-use altoid tins myself with my needlework and embroidery designs on the top. Your work is very creative.

  4. oooh you had way too much fun! I think I need to make some pretty washers!

  5. Judy,
    I loved embossing the metal... I'm going to have to try that again. Wish I could take a class from you on it! The washers did come out great, and the big ones are large enough to make neat pendants. I can also envision them as cabochons, with beading around them to hold them in place.

  6. Clever use of old tins and so beautiful.


  7. I love playing with alcohol inks! Your results are fun.

    I broke my inks out of hibernation the other day to make holiday ornaments but I think they're just too old and most of the alcohol has evaporated off- the inks just didn't want to behave.

    Another excuse for going shopping (as if I need more).

  8. Oooohhh! Love the washers! My husband picked up my heat gun the other day and asked what it was. This looks like a good project to demo its function to him!

  9. Very cool techniques.. something to try after the holidays when life slows down and snow doesn't let us leave the house.. Ha!!


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