Monday, December 28, 2009

Pink Petal Party featured in Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine

My friend Sarah Ann Smith has been writing a series on the elements and principles of design for machine quilters for Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine. The most recent installment is “Depth and Dimension through Contours, Rhythm and Repetition” in the January 2010 issue. When Sarah was writing this column, she was looking for examples from both traditional quilts and art quilts, and asked if she could include my quilt, Pink Petal Party. How nice!

Sarah notes that the dense quilting in the background helps to concentrate attention on the focal point, the vase of pansies. She also points out the realistic stitching on the pansies, and the stitching on the vase, where vertical lines cover the whole vase and horizontal lines come in from the left and right sides, making the center appear to come forward.

The article features photos of beautiful work by Sarah and Suzanne Sanger to illustrate her wonderfully informative column.

Machine Quilting Unlimited has a great mix of articles for long-arm machine quilters as well as for those of us who use regular home sewing machines. And there’s a nice balance of traditional quilting and art quilting. In the January issue, there’s a great profile of Laura Wasilowski, whose work is featured on the front cover.


  1. Just wondering if you received an advance copy of this magazine, or did you buy it (or are you a subscriber?) The reason I'm asking is because I'm a subscriber to it and haven't received my copy yet!

  2. Laura, I got an advance copy because my quilt was in it. I'm sure you'll get your copy soon! :-)

  3. Hello ,
    I'm writing to see if there is anyway possible to get a copy of this magazine or a copy of the article " Quilting with Physical Challenges" the article was about me and how I made changes to my work areas so I could make my quilts. I recently lost my home and business in the Camp Fire in Paradise .ca. on (Nov. 8 2018) and everything including my library and some quilts were lost. I would love to get a copy of the article if I can't get the magazine. Can someone please help me. I will supply my phone number and address in your contact information area.
    Thank you
    Barbara Williamson


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