Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pink Phalaenopsis

I finished this piece a few months ago, and posted about it in progress, but I don’t think I ever posted a photo of it finished. So here it is. It is called Pink Phalaenopsis, and it is 12x18". I just found out tonight that one of my fiber arts groups, Fiber Art Options, has a definite venue for a group show featuring our orchid pieces. It is time for me to hustle my bustle and finish my four remaining pieces before February 1. They will all be larger pieces, all 24 x 36".

Here are some detail shots:

I have one piece of a purple orchid in progress. I am painting it on white fabric, and the painting is about 3/4 finished. I did some of the painting in my room at the Houston Hilton in the evenings after Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival. I just spread out a big plastic sheet and went to town. I’ll try to post some photos of it later this week.

I’m going to have to put myself on a serious studio schedule to finish these pieces on time (while completing a lot of other things at the same time during the holiday season)!

Good thing I seem to thrive on deadlines. ;-)


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I can't find the words to describe how very beautiful. You are so talented. This piece is amazing.


  2. oh, thanks so much! I am excited to work on the others. You pretty much can't go wrong with orchids. They are so fascinating.

  3. What a beautiful piece! The quilting is impeccable.

  4. Gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the rest as you complete them.

  5. Love the details and how you stitched around the painting. I need to try some small pieces to get the feel of painting and quilting over it.


  6. I've been doing some small pieces, too, Debbie. Coleus and Hosta (see the gallery on my website, or previous blog posts) were both about the size of a sheet of paper. It's a great way to experiment. Although now I want to do them both big. I can just see the Coleus one really big hanging in some minimalist house with white walls and a black sofa.

    Now, if I could only find the person with that house and convince them to commission me... :-)


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