Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yellow Orchid in progress

I have started painting the next in my series of wholecloth painted orchid pieces. This one is even closer up than the purple one that I just finished. Part of the challenge here is those water droplets. Like the others, it will be about 24" x 36". The first photo shows my painted version on fabric; the second is the photo from which I worked.

I still have a lot of shading to do, but it is shaping up. I am learning a lot about painting with acrylics, and cursing myself for not taking any painting classes before I attempted this. It is really valuable to take a photo of it at this stage and compare it to the photo with both at about the same size. I can see now more clearly what I need to work on.


  1. It looks like a beautiful start. I found out Santa ordered me a dell laptop, so now I can hook it up to my machine and start working on some art quilts.
    I was wondering what types of threads you use with your machine. I saw some that said you could use them in your machine with a bigger needle and would love to use specialty, thicker threads for some quilting.


  2. The painting is coming along smashingly! This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  3. Dear Susan,
    I am an AMATEUR water color artist. My true artist friend taught me the trick to those droplets. Notice that the top of a drop is dark with a lighter shade behind it's shape. The bottom of the drop is light with a dark, dark shadow on the petal. Then there is the highlight in the drop.
    It will just "pop" out like 3-D with this shading.
    Forgive me for even attempting to tell you about your art, as I am in awe of everything you do... right down to your paper snowflakes!
    Sandee Krueger
    Eagle Point, Oregon

  4. Susan, It's a stunning start and I just love your art.
    Sarah Ann Smith just notified me that I won your giveaway pinata purse pattern. Thank you so much.
    A truly funny thing happened the other day regardeign pinatas that I feel compelled to share.
    My 4 year old granddaughter was here before preschool and we had to wrap a gift for her to bring and give away. After wrapping and while cleaning up I boinged the top of her head lightly with the roll of paper. So then of course she quickly took the roll and boinged me back ligthly on the top of my head. But then..... she says, "I have a great idea, Pretend this is a bat and you are a Pinata!" Too funny, and how coincindental with Paul picking my number for the Pinata Purse. It still makes my chuckle. Now I'll be able to make a pinata purse with your lovely and fun pattern. Thanks for your Generousity and Merry Christmas.

  5. Debbie,
    I use mostly cotton thread, in all machine quilting weights. I use a lot of Aurifil, YLI and Sulky threads. If you are talking about REALLY heavy thread, I don't have much experience with that. I know some people use very heavy thread in the bobbin, and basically quilt from the back to create designs with the bobbin thread. Check out Bonnie McCafferey's work at

    She does beautiful digitized embroidery using Candlelight yarn.


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