Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A pink rose for ACS fundraiser

This afternoon, I worked on a project I will be donating to ToteTuesday, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (ACS) spearheaded by Virginia Spiegel. My latest works, a series of orchids for an upcoming exhibition, are wholecloth painted pieces that start out as white fabric (Pimatex PFD by Robert Kaufman). I paint the entire surface with acrylic textile paint, and then quilt them. I decided to execute this small project the same way.

It is based on this photo from my garden, which I took several years ago:

Now that I can see the photo and the painted piece next to each other, I can see some areas that need to be lightened and others darkened. Somehow it helps to reduce the size and stand back; I can see the little details that can make a big difference. I changed a few things – I’m not trying to reproduce the photo exactly – and made the background more dramatic. It is a little piece, about 7-8".

This little art quilt will go in one of my friend Peggy Schroder’s “Have a Heart” totes that will be auctioned off in February, with 100% of the proceeds going to ACS. I’ll let you know the exact date once I know it. You can read more details about the fundraiser at my Jan. 15 post. If you want to contribute to a fabulous cause and get some great loot, please check out these totes and consider bidding!


  1. That is going to make a beautiful tote.
    When you use the acrylic paints, do you wash it before you quilt it, or quilt right onto the painted area. Once it is dry of course.


  2. Thanks, Debbie! This is a little quilt that is going IN the tote and not ON the tote. There will be lots of goodies besides my piece.

    I don't wash the painted quilts before I quilt them. It is my understanding that ironing heat sets them, or you can just let them air dry for several days, and then they are permanent. I started quilting the rose quilt tonight... after the paint had dried for about an hour.

    The only thing I've painted and then washed was a linen shirt, right before Quilt Market in mid-October 2009 (I posted about it if you want to see). I used Jacquard Textile Color, which is designed for use on fabric. It washed beautifully; I couldn't tell that ANY of the paint washed out, and the hand of the fabric was perfect.


  3. How gorgeous, another sensuous flower. Hope your orchid exhibit went well!


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