Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I’ll be on Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio on Monday!

Guess what? Pat Sloan is interviewing me and Pokey Bolton, editor in chief of Quilting Arts magazine, on her internet talk radio show on Monday, March 8 at 4 p.m. EST! Pat will be talking to me first, about my traditional quilts, and how I got started in art quilting. Then Pokey is scheduled to join in, and we’ll talk about different fiber art/quilt art techniques and materials.

You can tune in then and listen live online by going to Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio. If you miss the live show, you can simply download it and listen later. (Remember, you can’t listen to my interview until Monday… But there are other fun interviews to keep you busy until then.)

We are also giving away a copy of my book, Appliqué Petal Party; a copy of my Piñata Purse pattern; and a set of my orchid series notecards! To enter the drawings, simply go to Pat’s blog on Monday, and leave a comment after her post about the show. Leave your comment on Pat’s blog by Friday, March 12 at noon EST.  

If you missed my mini-interview with Pat on my blog back in January, click here.

Pat’s a live wire, so this is bound to be bunches of fun. Please join us!


  1. Thanks for telling us about Pat's radio show and your interview. I'll be listening! (and subscribing to the podcast! yay!)

  2. This show was wonderful! As soon as Pat began introducing and talking to you I started thinking...hmmmmm...this woman's name sounds SOOO familiar and her voice--I recognize her voice. I just kept thinking--I "KNOW" this woman, I've met this woman...but couldn't place her. And then Pat mentioned your absolutely breath-taking "bird nest" quilt! And BINGO! I knew then and there I had met you, talked to you, and DROOLED over this very same quilt! I saw you at the Fox Farms Barnful of Quilts Show in Waxhaw, NC--it was either 2006 or 2007 I think, but really can't be sure of the year. The first quilt that pulled me into your "stall" :-) was the quilt that you had thread-painted GORGEOUS dragon flies on. But then I saw you quilt with the tree, bird and nest with eggs. It was absolutely stunning. Seriously--a week does not go by that I do not think of this quilt! I stopped and chatted with you about this quilt and as soon as Pat said "bird nest quilt" I immediately knew the story behind your fabulous quilt because you had told me about it as we chatted! It was really great hearing you and Pat talk on her show and "visiting" with you again!

  3. Oh, that is so neat, QuiltedFrog! You made my day. I'm glad that my quilt has stayed in your mind. I'm hoping to do Barnful of Quilts this year, if they want me and if my schedule allows. I couldn't do it last year because Quilt Market and Festival were earlier than usual. If you go, look for me and introduce yourself! :-)

  4. Susan, I just listened to the radio show with Pat Sloan and you were great!! Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I do not know whether or not my "T" quilt is a temperance quilt. That is quite an intriguing idea. I have sent off an email or two to those who may know and I will get back to you if something comes of that. Diane


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