Saturday, May 1, 2010

A special gift

Look at what my mom made me! Isn’t this the sweetest little scissors case? And isn’t she the sweetest mom for stitching it up for me? 

Actually, she made me a similar case years ago, and when Sophie was a puppy, she found it and chewed it to bits one night. It was one of the few things she destroyed when she was in her chewing stage, but she managed to find one of my most precious possessions to grind to bits. I was heartbroken, and had a hard time telling my mother. She kindly offered to replace it, and has been working on this case on and off for the past two years. It is the tiniest needlepoint you can do, I think, and it is stitched in silk, so it is lovely and soft.  

Together, we made the twisted cording for the scissors, when we were together in Paducah last weekend.

I know it is a week until Mother’s Day, but I want to tell my mom thanks, and that I feel so lucky that she is my mine. Love you, Mom!


  1. You do, indeed, have a wonderful Mom. The scissors case is lovely.

  2. Oh,but I am the lucky one to have you for a daughter! So glad you like the scissors case.

  3. Oh, but I am the lucky one to have you for a daughter. Glad you like it.

  4. It also looks just like a May Day basket,lovely.

  5. It is a beautiful case and a special gift from your mom.



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