Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I’m In Stitches

The staff of Quilting Arts magazine has just launched their latest creation, In Stitches, a one-of-a-kind special issue that “celebrates hand and machine stitching.” It is available only as a digital download. That means you can download it onto your computer, and use it on or offline. You can download the magazine and the software you’ll need to view and use it, on PC or on Macintosh for $14.97.

In Stitches is designed to include more in-depth articles, and to present them in a completely different way, through videos, slideshows, and patterns for projects you can easily print out and use. It includes interviews, articles, photos, videos, stitching tutorials, tips, techniques, and more.

My fabric vase pattern is included (that’s it with the sunflowers in the image above).


  1. I have downloaded patterns, but not a book.
    The IPad is on my wish list, so I think I would enjoy ebooks more on that.


  2. I prefer being able to thumb through my magazines and take them with me every where I go...but this looks incredible, I might just have to buy it today! Thanks for posting the link.


  3. I downloaded the eMagazine a couple of nights ago and I'm loving it! It's much more than an ebook, it's really like access to a private website. It's got videos, ability to view the art pieces close-up by zooming in, and details on the authors that you don't get in a regular magazine. I was a little skeptical, but since you one of the featured artist I went ahead and downloaded and I was so pleasantly surprised! I highly recommend it to everyone!

  4. I have to say thank you for all you do - I just purchased the MAchine quilting/Thread sketching DVD and loved it, even though I am a somewhat experienced quilter - lots of little tips that will make my life easier. I had a new quilting buddy over to watch it with me, and she can't wait to get started on quilting her first top. And...I love the pics of your work on the blog.


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