Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Art Meets Science at Festival of Quilts

My friend Melinda Schwakhofer, an American living in England, attended the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham England last week, and took these photos of the SAQA Art Meets Science exhibition, in which I have two pieces.

Here is a woman taking a shot of my tiny piece Coleus. At 7-1/2" x 11", I think it must have been the smallest piece in the exhibition!

SAQA volunteers answer questions about the exhibition and explain SAQA’s mission.

Here is Lepidoptera (left) hanging.

This exhibition had hard white walls that set off the artwork very nicely. Art Meets Science “explores the unexpected intersection of two seemingly different disciplines, Art and Science. These 35 artworks focus upon inspiration from scientific theories or phenomena expressed in new and unexpected ways. They illustrate, with strikingly visual impact, a gamut of scientific ideas, from the harmonies of randomness to the dynamics produced by scientific imagery.”

Melinda had two beautiful pieces displayed at Festival, too. You can see her pieces, Cleaved (created for her recent marriage), and Winter Trees Wept (a powerful piece about the removal of her native American Muscogee ancestors from their land in the 1830s) on her fabulous blog, Inspiraculum. You’ll find more photos from Festival of Quilts in her most recent post. Thanks again, Melinda!  :-)

All photos courtesy of Melinda Schwakhofer-Coxon. Website:


  1. Please thank Melina for sending these photos. I really appreciate getting to see what people designed on this theme.

  2. I will, Judy! You can see all the pieces on the SAQA website at the link in my post. It is interesting to read about the inspiration behind the pieces.

  3. VEry exciting, even more so for me since my daughter, Emily is moving to Birmingham, England with her boyfriend in 10 days!!! OMG a quilting connection..

  4. Beautiful pieces and the white boards really make them stand out as works of art.



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