Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 Fall Quilt Market, Part I


Well, here I am at International Quilt Market in Houston! All the exhibitors — pattern designers, fabric companies, tool manufacturers, distributors, and thread companies are here, and were setting up shop when I took these photos on Thursday afternoon. From the second floor “portholes,” here is the view to the left (above), and the center (below)…


And to the right:


 Wow! What a lot of craziness there is going on down there on the main floor!

The AURIfil thread booth is looking good:


Exhibitors ship their goods in these giant wooden crates:

C&T Publishing employees were trying to get all their titles in the racks in alphabetical order — no small job!


All day yesterday, I attended Schoolhouse sessions. Schoolhouse is designed to introduce quilt shop owners to new products, techniques and sales approaches. Every half hour or so, you can choose from about 15 different presentations. My friend Sarah Vedeler did a Schoolhouse session for Accuquilt, maker of small machines that die cut fabric pieces. She is holding up Judy Steenblik’s version of Sarah’s design GO! Be Dazzled. Sarah’s version is in the main exhibition, and won a cash prize! (She doesn’t know exactly what prize yet; the awards ceremony is on Tuesday.)


Sarah has brand new sets of dies for the Accuquilt for her designs: 


The Accuquilt company rolled out its new, smaller “Go Baby” yesterday, with quilters Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, hosts of The Quilt Show, a TV show produced for the Internet. The man taking photos for Accuquilt kindly offered to take my photo with them:

Can you tell that Alex is a little excited about her new baby?
I love the fabrics and designs of Anna Maria Horner, and am an avid reader of her marvelous blog. I'm going to try to get a photo of her in her booth in the next few days. Here is one of her quilts:


  1. I love your posts from market. One of these years I really want to participate!

  2. i'm so envious! i love the IQA Houston and Chicago shows..haven't been in 2 years and will miss it! Everything on the floor from your pics looks the same!! Enjoy and have a GREAT time!! like we need to tell you that!

  3. Thanks for the fabulous photos. I'm sorely tempted to buy a Baby Go.
    Anna Maria lives about 10 minutes from me. I really should go visit :)

  4. The only thing I don't like about our quilting show here is that you can't take photos of peoples booths, and they get quite rude about it which put me off a few stores. Well that and that because I am <30 instead of >50 I seem to get treated like I'm nobody. The quilt show looks amazing. Ours is next weekend!

  5. Such fun to have a taste of quilt market via our great photos! Thanks for the tour.

  6. Welcome to Houston!

    So much going on all week - woo hoo!

    Plenty of inspiration....

    ....thanks for sharing.

    Sharon ~ aka ArtL8dy

  7. Susan
    Keep up the comments. ever thought I would miss not going quite so much.

  8. I don't think I could control myself if I was there, too many goodies, lol. I love that quilt, it is gorgeous.


  9. Susan, thank you very much for your posts about market!


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