Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Fall Quilt Market, Part 6

Marcia Derse with her newest fabric line
Of all the fabric lines I saw at Market, the new one by Marcia Derse called “The Third in Line” for Troy comes the closest to looking like it was hand printed, stamped and painted. If you love surface designed fabric but can’t do this stuff yourself (or don’t want to), this is the line for you! It is spectacular. I wanted a yard of each one!

Marcia had small pieces of her fabric pinned to a backdrop of one of her more neutral fabrics, which made for a striking, yet very simple display. 

And she had yardage of each of them hanging from clips on a rod, inviting attendees to touch, feel and savor the hand and quality of the fabrics.  

Susan Walton of Rubber Stamp Tapestry
Rubber Stamp Tapestry is a company based in Seagrove, North Carolina that was new to me. Susan Walton and her husband Don are potters (the Seagrove area is very famous for ceramics) who started designing “peg stamp sets” — rubber stamps mounted at the end of wooden pegs — in 2002. 

Susan stamped this design using several peg stamps – the leaf, the twig, and the berry – while I watched and talked to her. She uses Speedball inks on a small sponge when she stamps. (Speedball, by the way, is another North Carolina company; it is based in Statesville, just 20 minutes from me!) They sell the inks on their website in 1.5 oz bottles. But other some other brands of ink and acrylic paint – including Liquitex — work well, too. You can see lots of details of their process here.

All their peg stamps have placement lines so you can see exactly which part of the design is up when you are stamping. I thought it was cool the way they had them stored in their booth. They are primarily botanical designs. After stamping, you wait 72 hours, then heat set with an iron. After that, you can use the designs in quilts or other projects that can be laundered. 

A creation by the folks at HandBehg Felts
The Handbehg Felts booth is always abuzz with creativity! They sell nifty wool felt and felted wool balls, and a bunch of kits to help you use them. Their kits include pincushions, necklaces, eyeglass holders, brooches and bracelets. If you want to purchase their products retail, check out their Etsy shop.

That’s my “Magical Mistletoe” — which I made for the 2010 Quilting Arts Gifts issue — hanging in their booth. They said I helped them sell several thousand of the little white felt balls I used as mistletoe berries! Quilting Arts Gifts has 148 pages of great handmade projects you can make for holiday gift-giving, and it is available online or at Barnes & Noble bookstores nationwide. Time to get hopping on those gifts if you haven’t started yet!

Ellen Medlock with some of her new designs
I met Ellen Medlock last year at Quilt Market. She designs innovative bag and purse designs, and is back this year with a darling, girly new fabric line with butterflies called “Flight Pattern.” And some new, super cute bags — the ones she is holding in the photo — that are fabric wrapped around metal frames with clasps (they are called “DIY Minaudiere Bag Kits,” and will be available soon).

Pam Goecke Dinndorf of Aardvark Quilts
Aardvark Quilts’ booth caught my eye because it was filled with quilts that used color in such an innovative way. Pamela Goecke Dinndorf’s patterns are bold and modern, and many use large blocks that would be very easy for beginning quilters. Yet they are very sophisticated because of the fabrics she uses. You can see more of her patterns here.

Angie Steveson of Lunchbox Quilts

“About Trout” is one of Angie Steveson’s new patterns for Fall Market. She designs for Lunchbox Quilts and many of her patterns include CDs with embroidery designs.  Angie has a pretty breast cancer awareness pattern called Pink Ribbon Quilt that is available for free on her website; it also comes with embroidery designs.

On Saturday, I posted this photo of me with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims at the launch of Accuquilt’s Go! Baby, a smaller version of their wildly popular die cutting system. It retails for $139, and will be shipping in late November. 

Well, wouldn’t you like to have a pink t-shirt to match Alex and Ricky? I scored one thrown into the crowd by Ricky, and you can have a chance to win it — and the tote bag shown below.

GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment on this post before noon EST on Friday, November 12. Tell me if you have an Accuquilt cutter, and what you think of it, OR if you think you might like one, and why. I'll pull one name at random and send that person the t-shirt and the tote bag. (Note: the t-shirt is size large.)

There’s still a bit more Quilt Market loot to give away in my next few posts, so please come back for a chance to win! 

WE HAVE A WINNER! Carol Hansen won this give-away. Thanks!


  1. Well I want a go cutter, so haven't tried it. I was hoping to hear about the new baby, so I could know if it works as good as the larger one. I also love the look of the new vagabond from sizzix. They do have die sizes I use but not as many, so still debating on the brands.


  2. Susan, thanks so much for the blog posts--it is like BEING there! I used to get to Houston every year but my husband's health prevents my traveling. I know you had fun!

  3. Susan, thank you so much for including my stamps and company information in your blog! What an honor! It was wonderful to meet you at the Quilt Market - I thoroughly enjoyed talking with you.

    Rubber Stamp Tapestry

  4. i would love to have a cutter, since I'm always curious anad eager to try everything new. And the Accu would make the cutting process so easy :)

  5. I have an Accucut cutter and use it all the time. I tend to buy the harder to cut pattern, Applecore, Rob Peter and Winding ways. I have used the sizzix dies with an adapter and finds this helps with the cost of the dies.

  6. Well I traveled to Seagrove and Statesville in the past 3 months and really wish I had known!! What a wonderful addition to my travels these would have been:)

  7. I also really appreciate that you do such a fine job giving us the market run down. I enjoy it whether I am there or not since we all have different experiences. I wasn't able to go this year and so enjoy it even more.

  8. I don't own one but am intrigued by all the possibilities it would create. Yes, I'd love to win one!

  9. I really DO appreciate this glimpse into this fascinating world. go cutter? And I thought the rotary cutter was revolutionary!!!

  10. Thank you again for posting from Houston, you are our eyes for what is new. Is the accuquilt cutter easier to use, the Go available now takes quite a bit of arm strength to use.
    I will be looking up the stamp company, looks like they have the type of prints I have been looking for and a NC company at that.

  11. Your posts make me want to maybe go to Houston again.... well maybe not... Maybe to Market... I was considering an Accuquilt... for my birthday... but going to go to Kruger National Park instead. Maybe for Christmas instead. I'd wear the T-shirt tho.s

  12. Robin,
    I only watched them demo the Go Baby, so I can't tell you if it is easier to turn the crank on it than on the original Accuquilt machine. But the price point (about $140) is much better, and it can use some (but not all) of the dies that the original Accuquilt does. The dies for the Go Baby are the smaller (narrower) ones.

  13. I'm enjoying your posts! Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. I've wanted to tryy the go cutter but too many folks are at the booth! Doesn't it feel like they change the layout of the vendor booths every night just so you will get lost again!

  15. I am planning on buying a Baby Go and watched a video about it. Looks like it would be great for cutting out all my applique pieces.

  16. Anything that would make my quilting easier I want! I have been using the peg stamps for over a year. They are easy to use and I make preety cards with them.

  17. I would love one for the circles, to get perfect circles every time would be a dream.

  18. OOh! Want it! Pink shirt! Much better than lime green. (I loved it when my daughter had a lime green swimsuit - couldn't lose her if I tried - but it's not for me, you know?)

    I am a lucky GO! winner! I'm lovin' it. I took a bunch of bits from a charm pack, sliced them down into HSTs using the value die, and have had a doll quilt put together in an evening. Better yet, in just 3 hours I made a 2-color tumbler baby quilt, from start to finished top.

  19. LOVE the GO! I have the Momma version and have put it to good use. The GO! makes cutting go fast and is MUCH more accurate.

  20. Hi Susan,

    I LOVE the Houston Quilt Festival but did not get to go this year. I think they AccuQuilt cutter would be great since I fuse so much and am now only making smaller art pieces for my quilting projects. Thanks for the posts!


  21. I'd love a Go! die cutter any size!!!! I think it would be so handy with applique!

  22. The bag and T-shirt arrived in the mail today. Gorgeous shade of pink.
    Now I just have to fill up the bag at some point and hope my daughter does not waltz off with everything :)
    Thanks Susan.


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