Monday, December 13, 2010

Great gift idea

If you are looking for a little gift for someone, this might be just the ticket. It’s The Art of Quilts Postcard Collection – Nature, by C&T Publishing, and my work is on the cover! It retails for $9.95, and includes 30 high-quality images of nature-themed art quilts by C&T authors, perfect for mailing or framing. It’s just been released. 

The piece on the box is called Purple Phalaenopsis. I finished it in early 2010, after almost burning it in frustration. You can read the long, sad story in my blog post here. As you can imagine, I now feel quite triumphant that I hung in there, fixed it up, and finished it.

Purple Phalaenopsis
by Susan Brubaker Knapp
23.75" x 36.5"


  1. I like ideas like that, great for quilting friends.


  2. I'm such a fan and everyone needs to go back and read the story about your creation of this piece! I still have that blog post up in my studio! Soldier On! These post cards are certainly on my Christmas Wish List!

  3. I love this quilt! And the cards would make for a wonderful present...let's see...who haven't I bought for yet...ME!!!

  4. Susan, your work knocked it out of the ballpark again. the blood, sweat and tears really paid off.

    congratulations on the card box, wow, that is terrific and again, your exquisite work shines through.


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