Monday, February 14, 2011

The Pandoras play with gelatin plate printing

At this month’s meeting of The Pandoras, my local fiber arts group, we did gelatin plate printing. This is a process I won’t describe in detail here (a great source for information is Rayna Gillman’s excellent book Create Your Own Handprinted Cloth). Basically you make up unflavored, non-sweetened gellatin, and allow it to firm up in a shallow pan. Then you dump it out, roll paint onto it, place found objects on top to act as a resist, and press fabric or cloth on top. 

Here are some of my results. This was a very fun, serendipitous process; I'll definitely try it again.


  1. Sounds like a fun technique. I was thinking of trying flour dying, but want to do it when the weather is nice, so I can sun dry it.


  2. This sounds/looks great fun!
    I've never heard of it before

  3. This is a fun process and your pieces came out great! I have Rayna's book and it's a good reference for trying new techniques.

  4. It is so much fun - glad you enjoyed playing, Susan. Thanks for the nice words about my book. I love teaching this because my students always get such better results than I do - LOL.


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