Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fall Farm Stand, Part 3

Okay, folks. I am moving along nicely this week on Fall Farm Stand. I painted two more of the gourds today: this orange one (above) is at the bottom in the photo below. I’m going to be adding some melted Tyvek pieces to it, and will probably do some more painting on it before the piece is finished. It looks a little too yellow to me right now. I’m also going to do a lot of thread work on it to make it bumpier. 

The other gourd I painted today is the one on the far right. There is a similar green gourd right behind it, which I am going to paint on the background.
I only have one more gourd to paint (the orange one at bottom left). After that, I'll add the Tyvek to the big orange gourd, and then position them all on the background. I may add some extra batting behind the gourds in the foreground, to make them stand up from the surface a bit. 

Time spent today: 2.25 hours. Total time spent so far: 8.25 hours. 

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