Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fall Farm Stand, Part 4

Here’s what my latest piece, Fall Farm Stand, looked like before I went to bed last night. I cut out all the pumpkins and gourds from the white fabric on which I painted them, and positioned them on the background fabric. The white around each one will be turned under when I hand applique them to the background. The piece is based on this photo:

I am going to do some painting on the background, and add some melted Tyvek pieces to the  bright orange pumpkins today. Then I’ll do the applique and some thread sketching before I quilt everything with the batting and backing fabric. 

Time spent today: 4 hours. Total hours: 12.25


  1. It's coming along beautifully! Great job on painting them! I'm looking forward to seeing them with the thread painting on them.

  2. That is just amazing how lifelike they look!


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