Saturday, May 21, 2011

Got a dog? Stitch a dog bed!


This is my dog, Sophie (above), resting on a dog bed I made for her. The project is featured in 101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts, a special publication by the publishers of Quilting Arts magazine. There are directions for a bed for a medium-sized dog (40-50 pounds), and one for a smaller dog or cat. It is very easy to make. I call it “Dogbed of Roses,” because of the big roses that are raw-edge appliqued on top. All the fabrics are from Bari J’s “Country Lane” line for Windham. 
Here is the project in the magazine:

Sophie loves her bed, and it is nice and comfy. I bought a cheap-o dog bed at a pet store and used it for the insert. The smaller bed has a gusseted standard queen bed pillow inside.

The hefty 196-page magazine ($19.99) is available on newsstands (such as Barnes & Noble) or on the Interweave website Think that nearly $20 seems like a lot to pay for a magazine? Once you flip through it, you won’t feel that way. There are a ton more projects than you’d find in most quilting books that cost a lot more. There are at least 10 projects in this magazine that I absolutely have to make. 
Oh, and my business card case project is featured, too! 



  1. That is the sweetest dog bed I have ever seen!
    At Minnesota Contemporary Quilters we've been making pet beds for the local shelters, but none as darling as yours!
    We've been making the dog beds pillow-case style and then putting the empty pillow over a plastic trash container (just like a trash liner) and in go the fabric scraps, snippets of threads, extra batting, etc.
    When it's full, take it out and sew the last edge closed.
    The next one I do will be gusseted like yours. I'll send a picture.

  2. Sophie is a beautiful girl and so lucky to have such a pretty bed. I will have to look for this magazine!

  3. Wonderful bed for your pup.
    I was going to make one, but one day I was in a home store and they had one on sale for 12 dollars, so couldn't beat that;)


  4. How wonderful that you make beds for rescue animals! I'd love to see a photo of some of yours. :-)

  5. As a longarm quilter with a business, I have tons of leftover batting which I'm always looking for a way to recycle. I now cut it up into small pieces and use it as stuffing for rescue dog beds. Sometimes the outside is a practice quilting piece that I would otherwise throw in the trash. After seeing Sophie on hers, I think my dogs are due for a nice bed.

  6. Sophie is such a cutie and such a fortunate dog to have a special bed like that.!


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