Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fall Farm Stand, Part 6

I am almost done with “Fall Farm Stand!” Yes, it has been months. But no, I have not been procrastinating; I’ve been extremely busy. And there was something about this piece that I didn’t quite like. After a few months of it looking down on me from my design wall, it finally told me what it needed: more shading on the edges of some of the gourds, to make them more dimensional. I am much happier with it now.

Here it is in a horizontal orientation. I am working today on facing it. Once my clients decide which orientation they like best, and which will fit best in their space, I will add a sleeve that will hold a piece of foam core with wires attached for hanging. This way, it can hang on a single nail. I’ll take photos so I can share this technique with you. 

This piece is approximately 24" x 36". Which orientation do you like best, and why? I asked this question when I showed the inspiration photo, and the answers were interesting. I like it best in the vertical orientation. 

Here are some detail shots. I shot this piece this morning, and it is very overcast. So there is not much detail on the stitching, as there are no shadows, just even, diffused lighting. I will need to re-shoot it on a sunnier day, in the early morning or late afternoon, when the shadows are long.

I am very pleased with this piece; it is equally intriguing from a distance and up close, as there is a lot of stitching, and the Tyvek pieces look very cool. I hope my clients will feel the same!


  1. Really, I couldn't tell if it was a photograph or the quilt until I read.. incredible work! I don't know what they will like the best, but personally I like the sideways orientation the best.. it is just fab!! You have such great talent!

  2. Susan, I prefer the horizontal orientation. It seems better balanced. The strong orange color pops out so much that it feels like it will fall forward unless grounded. Nancy

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  4. Susan, I too like the horizontal orientation, for the bright colors on top in the vertical make it seem "top heavy"

  5. I really love this quilt, it is so lifelike! My preference is the horizontal orientation, I just like the way it draws my eye in a little better.

  6. I prefer horizontal as well because it seems more balanced; vertically, it seems as though the gourds will spill out. Horizontally the grey gourd's light-colored stem also seems to lead you back into the piece, whereas vertically, it leads you out.

  7. It is amazing, at first glance I thought the picture was of your working photograph!

    I'm sure they will be delighted with the finished project.

    Maybe you could give them two sleeves so they could hang it either way their mood speaks?

  8. I like it best in the horizontal position, it seems to add more depth, to me.


  9. Wow!!! This is absolutely amazing Susan. Your talent is boundless. The depth you created with the addition of the shadow work is really incredible along with the varied denseness of the quilting. Beautiful work!


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